Hey guys! With my last paycheck I decided I needed a little bit more hard drive space.. or a big bit. I took the jump to the next order of hard drive magnitude: The terrabyte.

A quick search around the internet brought me to find only one drive, Western Digital’s WD10TPVT. I’ve used Western Digital drives before, and I guess you could say “I swear by them”. If I had a preference in hard drives, which I really don’t since they’re all decent, it’d be Western Digital. I’ve never once had a drive of theirs fail on me. But that doesn’t matter, since they’re apparently the only ones with TB laptop drives.

There’s a catch, right? Of course. They haven’t managed to fit all that space onto 3 platters yet, so they had to have space for a 4th platter. That means the drive is physically bigger than most, being 12.5mm tall instead of the standard 9.5mm. The sad reality is that this won’t fit in most laptops. However, Apple’s late 2009 13″ MacBook fits it like a glove, and I have no reason to believe that it won’t fit in the 15″, 17″, and their MacBook Pro brethren.

Without further ado, here is the drive on Google shopping, starting at the modest price of $170, and information on it straight from the source.