With Diablo II’s new patch coming out, I wanted to get my foot in the door with writing a few.. lets just say, utilities. For that, I’d need me a Windows machine, because all my experience with this sort of stuff is in Windows, and lets face it, I’m not that good at Objective-C yet. So, I grabbed an old laptop, a Latitude D610, and got to work.

This machine had a bit of an issue, which after googling around appears to be not uncommon. The pointer runs away. No, seriously. It goes and hides in the corner at random. It’s very annoying. This is caused by the touch stick, the eraser mouse, the nipple in the middle of the keyboard, whatever you want to call it. For some reason after some time, which seems to be “right now” as decided by a lot of D610’s, it wears out and doesn’t have a clue where your pointing it, so it tries to guess. Obviously, it sucks at it.

A few people on forums have mentioned that the solution is to replace the keyboard. Since these computers are relatively old keyboards are cheap. I briefly considered a new one, and they’re running at $10 buy it now refurbished on eBay, free shipping. I consider that very acceptable, but there’s gotta be a way to fix this with what I have laying around.

It turns out I had the perfect tool for the job! I hate track points with a passion. I don’t like being restricted to how fast I can move my pointer, so this solution was not only fixing the issue, but also getting revenge. Following the Dell service instructions, linked below, I removed the keyboard to check out the situation. Just as I hoped, the trackpoint cable is separate from the keyboard cable, although taped together. The obvious step was obvious: scissors, execute. I put the shebang back together and it’s working just as expected, with the eraser doing nothing. Considering the laptop comes with a trackpad as well, I consider this very acceptable.

Disclaimer: This will void your warranty.. if D610’s are possibly under any form of warranty anymore. But I like voiding warranties.

Dell: Removing D610 Keyboard
Dell: Removing Center Control Cover (gives you access to keyboard screws)