I enjoy using Minefield (Firefox alpha) and watching the progress, but downloading the nightly build DMG and replacing the app every day is a pain, and therefore I only update when I get bored or something gets wrong. I decided to get into the true spirit of nightly builds and write a script to automatically update Minefield.

echo "Mounting Minefield DMG.."
hdid -quiet http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/latest-trunk/firefox-3.7a4pre.en-US.mac.dmg
echo "Removing old Minefield.."
rm -rf /Applications/Minefield.app
echo "Installing new Minefield. This could take a while.."
cp -r /Volumes/Minefield/Minefield.app /Applications
echo "Unmounting Minefield DMG.."
hdiutil detach /Volumes/Minefield -force
echo "Done."

Running that gives you pretty output.

[20:11:02] [william@enterprise ~/Documents/Programming/bash]$ ./updateff.sh
Mounting Minefield DMG..
Removing old Minefield..
Installing new Minefield. This could take a while..
Unmounting Minefield DMG..
"disk1" unmounted.
"disk1" ejected.

Linux users should be able to convert this to use the tarball pretty easily, but Windows users are up a creek without a paddle. Of course, they’d still be there even without Minefield. To those with a decent OS, enjoy!

EDIT Updated on 03/18/2010 to point to Firefox 3.7a4, instead of 3.7a3.